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PlanetPress Suite in a nutshell

The perfect toolset for operation and IT managers.

Lets you use data from multiple systems.

Comes with powerful automation capabilities.




Works with old host systems up to the latest ERPs

Thanks to its open architecture, PlanetPress will work with pretty much any system you have in place so you can regain the control over your IT systems. You get to optimize the production, the distribution, and the archival of transactional documents with automated workflows.

Supported systems

  • ERPs: SAP, IFS, Dynamics, JD Edwards, etc.
  • Databases: CRM, Oracle, Access, SQL, etc.
  • EDM: Sharepoint, Laserfiche, DocumentMall, etc.
  • OS: AS/400, Unix, Windows.

Reads outputs you already have

PlanetPress doesn’t actually connect to your system. Instead, it waits until your systems produces an output, and then reads and processes it to extract raw data. That way, data from any source can be merged and filtered, barcodes and OMR marks can be added to existing documents, to create ready-to-mail and ready-to-archive documents.

No change to your infrastructure

Improve your business processes with no change to the system in place. Extract required information from data such as print streams, databases, XML or other formats and easily map it onto a template document.

Flexible report and document creation

Capture files sent from standard Windows applications such as Microsoft Dynamics and Crystal Report, convert their contents to plain text and use the resulting data to create business reports that meet the needs of your organization and automate their distribution to the appropriate channels.


Various input and output formats

With PlanetPress, it’s possible to automatically publish documents to the web or to EDM systems while automating their distribution in the format preferred by recipients, electronically or not.

Output Formats

PlanetPress can export PDF, TIFF, JPEG, VDX and AutoStore documents. Documents can be printed on any printer, sent by email or faxed and even indexed and archived in Electronic Document Management systems.

Input Formats

PlanetPress Suite allows you to work with almost any type of data or document. Built-in emulations include ASCII & Line printer data, CSV, Database, Channel Skip, PDF and XML.

Advanced PDF handling

Create PDFs from any application for use in PlanetPress Suite and use PlanetPress’ workflow modules to split, conditionally process and even merge documents together. Use the documents as they are or add instant value with OMR, color formatting, scaling and duplication.

Data Capture

Capture data from a file, a folder, an email address, a printer, a software like SharePoint or PrintShop Mail, or from any external requests based on protocols like SOAP, FTP, HTTP.