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Design all your of your customer communications in one place.

Design for web, print, and email by switching between the context tabs. No need to transform print into HTML or vice versa. Use drag & drop to place images, text and variable elements, on to the page without any scripting.



One solution to rule them all

PlanetPress Connect provides you with a single interface to build and design all your business communications. Designing your print, email or web documents from the same tool give you the ability to use a shared set of variable data. It makes it much easier to insure your documents are consistent with one another.

A single multilingual interface to learn.
Start your design from an existing web page.
Better consistency in your communications.
Access multiple data sources.
Reuse code snippets on multiple templates.
Attach files to your emails.
Separate print and email setting configurations.
Share graphic resources (ex: CSS) between your designs.


Native technology is hard to beat

PlanetPress Connect doesn’t try to convert a print format into HTML. It doesn’t try to hack a print version out of HTML files either. Everything is built using the proper native technology so you can take full advantage of all of them. Think of responsive design for web pages and emails, or PPML and PDF/A for printed and digital documents.

Native web output formats and protocols

Responsive email (HTML/CSS)
Secure and responsive web page (HTMLS/CSS/JS)
Text (CSV/XML)
FTP, Telnet, Soap

Native print output formats

Windows printing
PPML, PCL, PostScript
Line printer data, Channel Skip